Paige Tigert is originally from Texas and has lived in Florida off and on for the past 20 years.  She decided to move back to Florida several years ago to make it home.

Paige has always had a passion for real estate.  She started her career in Houston, Texas with a commercial real estate company working in Property Management.  She then had the opportunities to relocate with this company to Clearwater, Florida and San Diego, California.  While working with Property Management, she had a lot of interaction with Interior designers and the design process.

In 2008, Paige graduated from The Art Institute of California-San Diego with a bachelor in Interior Design and started a design company with a fellow graduate. Further advancing her passion for real estate, she began working for a developer in Coronado, CA and assisted in the development of an $18 million dollar Mixed-Use project as the Customer Service Representative and Association Manager.

After moving back to Florida, she continued her passion and pursuit for a career in real estate, working as the Office Administrator for Britton Group Inc and transitioning to a licensed Realtor serving buyers and sellers in Brevard County.

When Paige is not helping clients and the Associates at Britton Group, she enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including fishing, cooking and gardening as well as spending time with family, friends and pet.